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Double ping pong paddle spanking for Helen and Belinda, bottoms bare!
Added Jul 12, 2019
Enjoy the sight of Helen Stephens and Belinda Lawson bent over a desk side by side with Earl Grey standing between them to spank their bouncing bare bottoms with a ping-pong paddle at The Institute. Is this our first double spanking? It’s time for Helen to feel the full cheek-bouncing, skin-reddening effect of the paddle! Reaction Cam and slow-motion too.
Real "girl next door" models getting hard, bare ass spankings!
Helen loves the idea of spanking Belinda’s gorgeous bubble butt crimson
Added Jul 10, 2019
Helen’s just been spanked by Belinda at The Institute, so she can’t wait to spank her friend even harder, swiftly showing who’s in charge. Earl Grey can only watch in amazement as this doe-eyed beauty teaches Belinda a lesson with a ping pong paddle on her jiggling bare bottom. Hot slow-motion replays plus a discussion on spanking technique.
The painful expressions, reactions and tears are 100% real!
Spreadeagled on a frame in just a thong, Lucy Lauren is soundly punished
Added Jul 10, 2019
The dramatic conclusion of stable girl Lucy Lauren’s punishment lying over a frame in the garden, after running laps in boob-bouncing slow motion! Zoe Page spanks and whips her bare ass for taking a valuable race horse, so expect yelling and squirming as this pretty blonde is taught a severe lesson with a riding crop. Slow-motion replay shows just how effective a riding crop is on bare buttocks - not to mention Zoe’s stinging hand!
No-nonsense bare bottom over the knee hand & hairbrush spankings ...
The tables are turned at The Institute as Belinda spanks Helen!
Added Jul 05, 2019
Testing the effectiveness of corporal punishment, Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens suggest they spank each other, to compare with Earl Grey’s spanking! First, it’s Belinda’s turn to put Helen’s bouncing bare bottom over her knee and see how difficult it is to give a proper spanking. Earl has to tell her to spank harder, of course!
Genuine American style "grab-your-ankles" school inspired paddlings ...
Exclusive behind-the-scenes talk with Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens
Added Jul 05, 2019
Two of our top models discuss spanking, describing what different implements feel like and the ones they truly dread! You’ll be surprised to hear how different their opinions are, with Belinda’s fear of the slipper and jokari paddle being trumped by Helen’s fear of the rattan cane across her bare bottom. Exclusive insight into spanking with Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens.
Authentic British style "touch-your-toes" bare bottom canings ...
Having her bare bubble butt spanked holds no fear for Belinda Lawson
Added Jul 03, 2019
Lying over Earl Grey’s knee with her juicy, full-cheeked bottom bared and jiggling, Belinda Lawson is spanked to the max by Earl Grey - and it’s all in the name of research! The Institute claims to be doing an academic study into corporal punishment, so Belinda and friend Helen Stephens are suffering a series of ass tannings for cash. But so far they’ve been paid nothing. Watch out for superb buttock-rippling slow-motion replays!
Domestic discipline, office spankings, judicial punishments and much more!
Stripped to a thong, spreadeagled on a trestle, Lucy Lauren feels the riding crop!
Added Jul 01, 2019
Lucy Lauren’s boss in a disciplinarian who enjoys punishing her for taking a valuable racing horse on the gallops without permission in Racing Stables Discipline. Stripped to a thong, Lucy runs laps, does push-ups and star jumps before lying with her legs and arms spread wide for a spanking and whipping with a riding crop - outside in full view of other stable grooms! The punishment continues in Part Two, and it’s ruthless!
Gorgeous girls, beautiful bottoms, sound spankings: that's our promise!
Helen takes a lengthy over the knee spanking, bottom bare, at The Institute
Added Jun 28, 2019
Being paid for research into corporal punishment isn’t what pretty college student Helen Stephens had in mind when she applied to The Institute. But having her bare bottom spanked for cash with her friend Belinda Lawson watching is one way to pay for her education! Laid across Earl Grey’s knee, dress up and panties off, her bare cheeks bounce as his hand spanks them from creamy white to crimson red. Stunning slow-motion replay!
Updated weekly: spanking entertainment at its best!
It’s Belinda Lawson’s turn for a totally nude caning, held on Helen’s bare back
Added Jun 26, 2019
Belinda Lawson is hauled onto her toes by Helen Stephens, their stunning totally nude bodies curved in submission as Earl Grey’s cane is aimed across the perfect peach target of Belinda’s bottom at The Institute. It’s all in the cause of research into corporal punishment, and they’re being paid for it! Reaction Cam of their faces as the cane is aimed and slices across Belinda’s bouncing bare bottom is a classic, along with the most dramatic cheek-rippling, teeth-clenching slow-motion replays. A true collector’s classic!
Firm Hand Spanking - distinctively different
Lucy Lauren gets a long, super-hard bare bottom spanking on her day off!
Added Jun 24, 2019
No amount of protesting will stop boss Zoe Page delivering a blistering spanking to stable groom Lucy Lauren’s bouncing bare bottom! It’s Lucy’s day off, but Zoe is a hard taskmaster and demands that Lucy shouts out ‘I deserve a spanking’ over and over while her bottom is being reddened in Racing Stables Discipline. It’s memorable, spectacular, fast and furious, as a spanking should be!
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