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Ten swats with a wooden paddle in The Principal’s Office for Katya Nostrovia
Added Jul 21, 2017
Denim jeans stretched tight across her curvy bottom, Katya places her hands on the wall in The Principal’s Office and pushes her hips back, ready for 10 swats with Mr Friday’s stinging wooden paddle. Her voice shows just much the paddle stings, while Reaction Cam replays show every angle of a hot student padding for plagiarism.
Real "girl next door" models getting hard, bare ass spankings!
All-nude wooden hairbrush spanking leaves Amelia Rutherford’s bottom sore
Added Jul 19, 2017
The crack of a wooden hairbrush on the beautiful bare bottom of politician’s wife Amelia Rutherford means she’s driven Earl Grey to distraction again. Totally nude Amelia is soundly spanked, the red marks of the hairbrush on her bottom and thighs clear evidence of her ability to overstep the boundaries and the need for discipline.
The painful expressions, reactions and tears are 100% real!
Strapped to blushing redness: Belinda Lawson is over the desk for punishment
Added Jul 17, 2017
Lying flat over Earl Grey’s desk allows Belinda Lawson’s magnificent buttocks to quiver, bounce and ripple to strawberry redness as he uses a strap to punish her in Asking For It. “I do always get what I want sir,” she smiles as she wills him to discipline her again. What a sight as her pants then panties are pulled down to bare her bottom!
No-nonsense bare bottom over the knee hand & hairbrush spankings ...
Tearful 15-stroke caning for stunning Katya Nostrovia after damaging antiques
Added Jul 14, 2017
Crawling on her knees with a rattan cane between her teeth, Katya fesses up to damaging John’s valuable crystal collection training for kick-boxing. Those generous creamy buttocks are about to be striped with the cane 15 times as her Sugar Daddy takes payment. It’s done firmly and with affection: we love this hot couple!
Genuine American style "grab-your-ankles" school inspired paddlings ...
14 cane stripes across Amelia Rutherford’s bare bottom tell a painful story
Added Jul 12, 2017
Talking to the press about private education upsets husband Earl Grey in The Politics of Discipline. But Amelia isn’t expecting to be bent over the end of a bed and caned on her bare bottom, just as Earl claims he was punished at school. “This is ridiculous,” she yells as the cane whistles down to bury itself in her soft cheeks.
Authentic British style "touch-your-toes" bare bottom canings ...
Fully nude lying over a punishment frame, Belinda Lawson paddled and strapped
Added Jul 10, 2017
Fans of Belinda Lawson will love that she pushes her limits in an all-nude Asking For It scene. She turns up at Earl Grey's country home demanding a spanking and he adds more than she expected, nude in his garden. A leather paddle and strap bite into her soft buttocks to make her regret her decision to visit, with hot slo-mo replays.
Domestic discipline, office spankings, judicial punishments and much more!
Tears of shame from Katya as she’s spanked bare bottom for missing a flight
Added Jul 07, 2017
A weekend in Costa Rica is ruined when Katya Nostrovia forgets what John Friday told her and they miss their flight. And the tickets can’t be changed! A stinging wooden jokari paddle from her Sugar Daddy turns her jiggling bare cheeks red until penitent tears start. Standing atop the fireplace, those jutting buns make a great target.
Gorgeous girls, beautiful bottoms, sound spankings: that's our promise!
Unsuitable dress for a politician’s wife costs Amelia Rutherford a spanking
Added Jul 05, 2017
In a tight primrose yellow pencil skirt, statuesque Amelia attracts attention from photographers for all the wrong reasons in The Politics of Discipline. Earl Grey has just taken delivery of a new leather paddle: it’s a perfect opportunity to try it out on his errant wife’s curvy, smooth bottom. She’s not even wearing panties!
Three updates weekly: spanking entertainment at its best!
Totally nude in an English country garden: Belinda Lawson spanked and strapped
Added Jul 03, 2017
Ordered to strip naked and lie over a trestle frame, Belinda can’t resist goading Earl Grey: “Is that the best you’ve got?” as he spanks her bare ass with a ping pong paddle. When it breaks, he resorts to an intense two-tailed leather strap, making her bare ass ripple and breasts swing from the impacts. Hot slo-mo replay!
Firm Hand Spanking - distinctively different
“Harder!” demands Katya Nostrovia as she’s soundly spanked at her request
Added Jun 30, 2017
“Do you need to be corrected?” Sugar Daddy John Friday asks lingerie-clad Katya Nostrovia. “I’ve been very, very naughty,” she tells him as she lies across his knee to have her bouncing bottom spanked. “Harder, harder,” she yells as his hand turns her ass a deeper crimson. “Oh, it hurts so good sir,” she pants breathlessly...
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